6th BCED is focused on the theme "What's Next?"


October 20, 2018



2405 Robert Dedman Dr.

Austin, Texas 78712

General Sessions:


2019 Strategies: " Are you ready?":

Predicting for the 2019 year ahead The theme is hot and best for your planning with your business, finance, or career. Businesses and individuals must prepare for significant global events that will occur and trends that will gain momentum in the coming year.


What is your next step? 

The session will give you good understanding about business planning and next steps for start up business. The essential startup steps should be ready to run a business or entrepreneurship. There you may get a chance to write down right directions where you are heading.



Consumerism in FinTech: Overview

Facing questions or confusion for your exploration in fintech world as a consumer? Where do consumers fit in the fintech world following to their interests and needs? No problem, experienced fintech consumer will share the overview what the fintech world exists and what it may help consumers to understand better.  There you will have an opportunity to learn from the overview in order to stay as a conscious consumer.

Panel Discussion "10":

Hot 10 buttons-topics in Business ...Audience and panelists will have an opportunity to discover flaws and possibilities using your ideas and solutions. So What Do You Want To Do? It is open question for anyone. There anyone can unfold a map with the question and make the leap and open a business of your dreams. There you could get advice, tips, and ideas from audience and experts at the panel discussion.

Personal Development session will introduce you  to interesting program that accelerate your personal development with our coach. Enroll in a session on Saturday, October 20, 2018 and watch your development rise. Do you prefer fixed mindset or growth mindset? You probably choose growth..

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