4th Biz Bootcamp Highlights that you should not miss



> Business Mastermind trainings

> Biz Bootcamp field tour

> Native American Food reception

> Top Quality Traininers

> Firsthand Global & Local biz

> Free business consultation

> Deaf & HH Business network hub

> Massage Service*

> Hot Springs Retreat*

> Native American Dance Performance








ENTERTAINMENT: October 7, 2017

Native American Dance and Reception

5PM - 7PM

Massage & Bonfire 7-10PM














The Seven Falls Indian Dancers is a family dance troupe representing four generations of dancers. Carrie Howell has managed the group since 1985.
We are descendants of the Pawnee nation and the Flandreau Santee Sioux tribe.
Group members include, Micah, Penelope, and Phineas.
Our program is both educational and entertaining. We present social and exhibition dances from several different tribes. The origin of the dance is explained with a story. 
Our troupe has been dancing throughout Colorado for over 35 years.   We danced every summer at Seven Falls in Colorado Springs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. We dance at Rockledge Ranch and the Garden of Gods Visitor Center in Colorado Springs. We also dance for private parties, businesses, schools and celebrations.
We are excited to be dancing for the 4th Deaf Bootcamp!

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