What We Do & Value

Since 2009, we have been educating, empowering, and advancing our Deaf and Hard of hearing people in business and entrepreneurship. By doing this, we offer knowledge, skills, and mastery in business using sign language communication. Minority has a set of values, beliefs, voices, expectations, ideas, insights, perspectives, milestones & achievements, and better understanding in business world.

Impossible is Nothing!



Are you seeking for new ideas, innovation, new strategies, solutions, and improvements? Looking to upgrade your skills and knowledge for your business or career? Struggling with your business? Not enjoying or keeping up with your job? You are not alone! There are thousands people like you! Many of them have great attitude towards work or business that have helped them thrive for next success in career or business.


Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf (BCED) is not just about the conference. It is a right place for you and anyone who are pursuing success. It's about empowerment, education, personal & professional development, mastery development, experience exchange, hands on activities, practical trainings, endless possibilities, and future!


Our vision is to grow, support, and increase a number of Deaf and Hard of Hearing business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, and inventors for stability, financial indenendence, and better economy.


Our mission is to educate, empower, and advance our Deaf and Hard of Hearing people knowledge, skills, and mastery in business. There is a fast growing number of Deaf and Hard of Hearing corporate employees, business managers, administrators, business owners, entrepreneurs, starters, and professionals. Every attendee communicates in American sign language as a direct official language and comes with fresh perspectives, valuable insights, knowledge, and own experience from diverse backgrounds in business, education, marketing, science, sales, technology, hospitality, culinary, finance and many other areas.


Every attendee will leave with crucial information, new ideas, and fresh strategies they will apply to their own organization or company to bring immediate new value for next achievements. Support us to make a difference and change our world to be better!

Impossible is Nothing!



1. Sprint Relay

2. Capital One Bank

3. Purple Communications VRS

4. Voprime Biz Network League, LLC

5. Office Depot

6. Rady School of Management, UCSD

7. Palo Alto Software

8. LivePlan

9. Feast On This LLC

10. USANA Associates

11. Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship, United States Senate

12. Sam's Club

13. Signing Group Real Estate LLC

14. Handsay, LLC

15. Robert F. McDonnell, Former Governor of Virginia

16. Jerry Sanders, Former Mayor of San Diego

17. Kay Hutchison, Former Senator of Texas

18. Salk Institute

19. Dawnena Muth Rodriguez, Small Business Legal Shield

20. San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau

21. Personal Development Magazine

22. Motivated Magazine

23. Comprehensive Financial Services

24. Gallaudet University Career Center

25. Bauer College of Business, MBA Program, University of Houston

26. Rotman Management, University of Toronto

27. Kereakos Zuras, Former Advisor to George W. Bush, US President

28. Christine Beattie Graphic Design 

29. Inc., Business Magazine

30. Fast Company, Business Magazine

31. Internal Revenues Services government agency (IRS)


33. Starbucks Coffee HQ company (a Fortune 500 Company)

34. RR Donnelley (a Fortune 500 Company)

35. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

36. Sorenson Communications

37. Monocle Magazine

38. Harvard Business Review Magazine



When Deaf co-founders V. Kotenev, J. Clark, and V. Pavlyukovets made this observation many years ago, they were defining how they viewed a world of possibilities for success in corporate ladders, business growth, small business, self-employment, and entrepreneurship for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. They experienced and faced repetitive discrimination with equal communication access and special accommodation at public and private business events even they were paid and registered.


"Let's Move!" how it started with a handshake between three visionary Deaf entrepreneurs in 2008. They and business people evolved the Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf from basic level to most useful and known learning business educational event with an equal communication access in American Sign Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Impossible is Nothing!


Dates of the past events:


May 28-31, 2010 - 1st Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf, Houston, TX


June 8-12, 2011 - 2nd Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf,

Washington, DC


June 20-24, 2012 - 3rd Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf,

Orlando, FL


October 27-30, 2012 - Biz Bootcamp at UCSD,

La Jolla (San Diego,CA)


May 28-31, 2014 - 2nd Biz Bootcamp and 4th Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf, Chicago, IL

October 14-16, 2016 - 3rd Biz Bootcamp and 5th Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf, New York City, NY

October 5 - 8, 2017 - 4th Biz Bootcamp at Aspen Camp for the Deaf, Snowmass, Colorado

October 18-20, 2018 - 5th Biz Bootcamp and 6th BCED, Austin, Texas



Few things are better at helping someone overcome challenges and discouragement. Right people just lift you up and give you wise advice. Right people and this busines event could help you to boost professional knowledge, new set of values & skills, motivation, enthusiasm, confidence, and better understanding for next achievements.

Boost your business network with the right people!


Past Speakers:


2010, Houston, TX, 1st BCED: "Impossible is Nothing"

Steve Siebold, World Class Toughness Speaker-Trainer, "Mental Toughness Secrets of World Class". Steve's clients are Fortune 500 companies.

Charles Carrington, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Ronald Marta, University of Houston

Joel Kellhofer, AC2 and Actual Signs Ltd.


2011, Washington DC area, 2nd BCED: "Impossible is Nothing"

Anthony Ruiz, U.S. Small Business Administration

Rebecca Antonelli, Center for Creative Marketing, Public Relations

Fanny Corderoy du Tiers, French Deaf multi serial woman entrepreneur

Ann Meehan, Realtor, The Signing Group

Steve Siebold, World Class Toughness Speaker-Trainer, "How Rich People Think..". Steve's clients are Fortune 500 companies.


2012, Orlando, FL, 3rd BCED: "Grow Your Business"

Karl Denninger, Political Blogger and Tea Party Lobbyist, "Leverage: how cheap money will destroy world".

Bernard Brown, Emeritius Professor, Gallaudet University

Kereaoks Zuras, Business Turn Around Expert And Former Advisor To George W.Bush, 43rd U.S. President.

Mike Michalowicz, TV business star of the CNBC, ABC, and MSNBC TV channels, and author of three business books.


2012, 1st Biz Bootcamp at University of California San Diego

San Diego, CA

Matthew Baker, Multi-Award Receipent / Celebrity Chef "Feast On This"

Barry Feig, Professional Marketing Consultant

Justin French, Digital Media Consultant

Bill Millios, Business Consultant


2014, 2nd Biz Bootcamp, Chicago, IL

Holly Jensen, Business Consultant

Marina Fanshteyn, Business Consultant

Vladimir Pavlyukovets, Business Consultant

Dr. Mel Whalen, Psychologist

Vladimir Kotenev, Business Consultant


2014, 4th BCED, Chicago, IL : "Innovation + Collaboration"

Dr. Bruno Kahne, Faculty Chair, Airbus / Air Business Academy

Ryan Schlecht, Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

Adam Novsam, Analyst, Starbucks Coffee Company

Ramesh Phadke, Analyst, RR Donnelley Corporate Company

Teri Hedding, Program Manager, Sinai Healthcare System

Nikita Golovlev, Industrial Designer, BOSCH

2016, 3rd Biz Bootcamp, New York City, NY

"Kaizen in Business", Pat Porras

" Achieving the Results through Accountability" Mark Bella

" Business Strategist" D.Muth, V. Kotenev, and V. Pavlyukovets

Business Tour at Times Square Alliance - Times Square in NYC

2016, 5th BCED, New York City: " Impossible is Nothing!"

Jonathan Weiss, Foodie & Big Mango Cafe Owner

Inna Giterman, Crepes Crazy Co-Owner

Jacqueline Roth, Douglas Ellman Realtor

John Dickinson, Principal at Dickinson + Partners

Anthony Natale, Emcee/ Sorenson Communications Spokesman

2017, 4th Biz Bootcamp, Aspen (Snowmass), Colorado

Mark Bella, VP of Sales Purple Communications, "Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster"

Warren Snipes, Wawa, " How to master your motivation for Success"

Dawnena Muth, Mastermind Guru, "Renewing Your Mind"

Vladimir Pavlyukovets, Financial Education Master,  "Master your financial skills"

Jamie Clark, Economist, "Understanding economy basics"

2018, 5th Biz Bootcamp, Austin, Texas

V. Kotenev, Corporate Business training, "Lean Sigma, DMAIC, and Kaizen"

V. Kotenev, Corporate Business training, "Business Agility"

V. Pavlyukovets, Financial Education Master, "Cashflow Management"

J. Clark, Tech Expert, Get busy with Technology:

"Cryptocurrency & Blockchain"

V. Kotenev, Business Consultant, Get busy with Technology: 

"Artificial Intelligence" 

Business Tour & Reception at Crepe Crazy cafe

2018, 6th BCED "What is Next?", Austin, Texas

"Deafroot: What is Next?", Sheri Youens-Un

Business Approaches and Solutions Panelists: Sung Park, Oscar Ocuto, and Sheri Youens-Un

Cashflow Management, Part 2; V. Pavlyukovets

2019 Strategies "Are you ready for 2019 year?" Panel Discussion

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