EMCEE of the 5th BCED
Anthony Natale, 
ABC TV Drama " Switched at Birth" Actor,
ASL Master,  TV Shows and Films Actor, and 

Spokesman for Sorenson Communications

Anthony Natale, a prominent figure in Deaf community will be our Event Emcee for 5th edition of Business Convention and Expo of the Deaf on October 15, 2016. He will be kicking off our event on Friday evening October 14, 2016. A great innovator in ASL studies, he has gained opportunities as a business owner in various projects including his own venues in films, televisions and ASL communication courses. Anthony will make sure our attendees are welcomed warmly with loving arms in our convention.
Anthony Natale biography: CLICK HERE
Anthony Natale website: CLICK HERE
Inna Giterman, Co-Owner "Crepe Crazy"
Inna and Vladimir Giterman, foodie newcomers and innovators, the Austin - based owners of Crepe Crazy. The Gitermans wanted to start their own business following to their passion with foodie. They began making unforgettable savory crepes in 2006. Vladimir had fond memories of his mother making crepes on the stove. They offer the legendary savory crepes and foodie from their food truck and at a lovely restaurant. The Gitermans are proud of their legendary success and the strides they have made in Austin food community even from no restaurant experience. Inna Giterman will share her experience and best traits with you and supercharge you for your business at very early morning October 15, 2016.  
Give Your Morning a Positive Boost with Inna Giterman.
Crazy Crepes Website: CLICK HERE
Jacqueline Roth, CNE, CBR, REBNY
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
Douglas Elliman Company
Most people become entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of starting up and running their own company offering a product and/or service that will create wealth.   It is done with initiative and there are risks involved. It’s different one becomes self-employed and contracts with a brand company to offer his/her services.   The foundation is there to build on, but again, it requires initiative and risk. When you have a vision and the passion to carry this out, the process from an idea to operations is never an easy one. How do we keep it going?  How do we not take two steps back after taking the one step forward?   What are the most valuable tools that help us build?  How, as a deaf person or a person with hearing loss, beat the odds that we face daily involving communications?   How do we stay ahead of the game when we have doubts resulting from our struggles to overcome barriers whether they are real or imagined resulting from our hearing loss?


The name of the game is to win! 
Jacqueline Roth's Biography: CLICK HERE
Douglas Elliman Firm > OVERVIEW

John Dickinson, AIA, CEFPI

Principal of Dickinson + Partners



“We need better collaboration.” That phrase is hard to ignore in any corporate setting but what exactly does it mean?


The supply of work is getting longer. Getting any service into the market is the result of a much larger set of people, agencies, places, relationships, processes and most of all patience. We have to interfaces with people who all have various of personalities and cultures – even within the same company/firm. People in different areas of departments are quite independent in how they see and sign about the world and are wholly dependent upon each other to get anything done. The more work required to get done; the more chance there is of creating confusion, redo, and other inefficiencies. 


You may have great idea/services but if communication is weak – then you are lost. You may have a great services but if your client support is awful, your services will not be repeating or carry out to the next new client. 


If you can make it on October 15, 2016, please come and learn my presentation for new resolutions in collaboration.

John Dickinson's Biography: CLICK HERE
Dickinson + Partners Firm > OVERVIEW
Jonathan Weiss,
3rd generation restaurateur & foodie
Big Mango Cafe, California
“A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe.” 
A native of Santa Monica, Chef Jonathan Weiss is a 3rd generation restaurateur, a foodie from birth. From the tender age of five, Chef Jonathan began with prep work for his grandfather on the daily grocery & meat selections at his family’s restaurant, the famed “Fox and Hounds”. By the age of 8, he utilized his culinary craftsmanship to prepare complete dinners for his family. Following this mantra, Chef Jonathan parlayed his talent and creativity into a successful career as chef/founder of Big Mango Inc, a catering and culinary consulting company that just spun off a storefront in Playa Vista, CA, Big Mango Café.Chef Jonathan is a husband, father, a successful businessman and restaurateur with an illustrious clientele of celebrities, sports teams, political luminaries, corporations and party-givers. 
More info: www.http://bigmangocatering.com/the-mangos/
Brain Spa (Recurring session 10 minutes during breaks)
Brain Spa Enthusiast: Mrs. Irma Azerlyant, Chief Financial Officer / Customer Care Service at Deaf & Hard of Hearing Interpreting Services, Inc.
Website: www.dhisnyc.com
Summary: The Brain Spa is the best way to clean up and get out of a rut, spam, judgment, negativity, hassles for clarity and clean your mindfulness. Its time to detox your mind at 5th BCED in NYC.
"Let's Make A Customer Care Champion"
Presenter: Mrs. Irma Azerlyant, Chief Financial Officer / Customer Care Service at Deaf & Hard of Hearing Interpreting Services, Inc.
Website: www.dhisnyc.com
Summary: What does a Customer Care Champion do? There are five ways you must implement how to step up and serve best as a Champion in Customer Care. Customers will remember and love you for a half century or 100 years. Let's Make a Customer Care Champion today not tomorrow.
"Is there a better analysis tool out there?"
Presenter: Vladimir Kotenev, Business Consultant, Analyst & Insurance Producer, Diversity Inclusion & Talent Development Chair
Summary: Mr. Kotenev will overview it with you what best digital tools are useful following to clients' top priorities and business needs for convenience and quick analysis. Since our expectations and needs are shifting differently in new era of digital transformation and there is a new change out of traditional ways of consumerism.
"Create your new approach using the ASL app"
Presenters: Matt & Megan Malzkuhn,Biz Partners/Co-Owners
The ASL App by Ink & Salt a Deaf - Owned Creative Productions and Publishing Company
Website: www.theaslapp.com
Summary: The ASL App, developed by Ink & Salt a Deaf-owned Creative Productions and Publishing company, aims to bring American Sign Language to anyone, anywhere and anytime. The company delivers high quality creative productions to a wide audience who wish to learn sign language or to engage in creative work. In addition to The ASL App as a start up project, Ink & Salt is working on several projects that will bring more exciting interactive resources to audiences of all ages. These app platforms creates opportunities for Deaf talent, through content and app development, talent management and various technical subcontracting work. The ASL App, along with our wonderful collaboration with Nyle DiMarco, continues to grow and gain recognition for the accessible user-interface features and teaching of authentic sign language. The ASL App also continues the public outreach and collaborative partnerships with other businesses for promotion and development of resources, both existing and new.
"Biz Mastermind" (Groups mastermind activity)
Presenters: Dawnena Muth, Prosperity Guru
Dreamgivers LLC
Website: www.dawnenamichellemuth.com
Summary: There's nothing more powerful than bringing a group of like-minded entrepreneurs together in an intimate enviroment to share our respective experiences, knowledge and skills together to amplify and sharpen our individual business and personal goals and skills.
A business mastermind group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to help you achieve more success than you could have dreamed up alone.  You’ll ensure each other grow grow your respective businesses and sharpen your mental and personal skills.
"Learn  Aquaponics 101" (Business Tour - Oct 16, 2016)
Presenter: Yemi Amu
Urban Farming/Local aquaponics farm in Brooklyn, NY

Aquaponics is a sustainable growing method which can produce both fish and green plants 12 months as yearly. There is a profitable business model that is sustainable and provides fresh, healthy food to all local restaurants, stores, small towns, and cities. 

BCED attendees will participate a business tour and make a visit to established small aquaponics farm in Brooklyn, NY. It is scheduled on October 16, 2016. 

Yemi Amu is the co-founder of Oko Farms and the Farm Manager at the Moore Street Farm, an outdoor aquaponics production and education farm in Brooklyn, New York. She leads all of Oko Farms' design/build projects and directs all of its educational programs. She has since co-facilitated the creation and maintenance of 20 edible spaces (in NYC) at schools and community organizations including a rooftop farm in Crown Heights and a 1/4 acre farm at the Weeksville Heritage Center that included poultry and bees. She has a Masters Degree in Health and Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.
"Cost Benefit Analysis and Gloabl Economy Impacts"
Presenter: Jamie Clark
ClarkNet Pioneer and Founder, Entrepreneur, and Experienced Consumer
Bio is available at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ClarkNet
Cost Benefit Analysis is gives you a simple, quantitative approach for deciding whether to go ahead with a decision. There audience will learn briefly on comparison of cost benefit analysis in trades and global economy impacts.
Minority with disabilities and diversity have a great value and offers a set of great different perspectives and innovative positive impacts in small business and entrepreneurship.
Panel Discussion "FASHION"
Overview: FIT graduates, fashion school students, fashion style experts, fashionista, fashion stores runners, retailers, fashion store employees, and haute coutures will discuss on new trends, style, ideas, challenges for next solutions and share their experience with you that would shape future in fashion. 
Ksenia Trukhina, Haute Couture

Career Highlights:

 Ksenia Trukhina optimizes her passion in fashion over various barriers.  Academic challenges, network in fashion, and practical experience taught her to realize her next achievements on fashion design projects at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.

A combination of her best traits and fashion design skills developed her professional growth well. Past clients and prospects are always astonished and valued by Mrs. Trukhina’s  unique design approach, depth of understanding,  and talent for beauty, artistic imagination, stunning looks, and chic sense of style. Ksenia started up her fashion business as Yashkova Haute Couture in NYC area.


At the panel discussion you will listen Ksenia’s experience, powerful tips, and past strategies how she made her success at the Fashion Institute of the Technology and in fashion world. Her powerful tips will gain your and Deaf and Hard of Hearing people confidence for Success since mostly are doubt or struggled for success.

Josue Flores, Fashion Designer/Fashion Photographer
Josway Company
Website: www.theofficialjosueflores.com

There is always an opportunity for any Deaf fashionists to capture best moments for creativity and production of the fashion line. Lets talk! 


Career Highlights: Josue expanded his horizons in fashion thanks to his sister's exposure and support since his childhood. After the graduation at high school his career started off as a Creative Director/Fashion Designer/ Photographer in California. He with his partners and a sister started up a fashion business brand Josway. Some celebrities were wearing Josway fashion dresses. Josue Flores and his company held several fashion shows. One of them was best named " Aquarium Show with Mermaids". They held multiple fashion projects including a team work with Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna's Stylist and Rihanna's TV shows. Josue Flores was inspired by Alexander Mcqueen quote: "Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment". 

Mara Ladines, Fashion Designer, Fashion Line "By Mara"
Website: www.bymara.com

My fashion product line logo, I.L.Y.  represents the entire Deaf community, our language, culture and awareness through fashion. 


Career Highlights: By Mara fashion line opened and introduced with two products in 2008 in Los Angeles. Today the fashion line By Mara offers more than 72 products and the Deaf local fashionist expanded her business into nationwide market.

Patricia Garcia, Ambassador in Fashion and Retail Business

Career Highlights:

My early retail career started at Banana Republic in Virginia and it brought me to workplace with ample opportunity for personal and professional growth in retail business and fashion world. It is about business and fashion.

You may see me as a devoted follower of fashion that particularly on uniqueness and style.

I poured tons of time, endless passion, enthusiasm, creativity, love, and energy into premium fashion retail business and premium lingerie womenwear where my passion is sparkling in retail business and fashion world over 14 years. Each customer is unique at a door where I can help a customer to have freedom for impression. Fashion should be forward thinking and new forms of expression.

My presence at the panel discussion that you may learn and find usefully: There is “never a dull day” in fashion and retail business. A store is constantly in motion where you are dealing with customers, suppliers, team members, and others on continual basis means no day is ever the same.



Snezhana Kim, StartUp Entrepreneur, "Begin to Dig..."

I am so incredibly passionate about veganism and knew that my “niche” was changing minds of folks. I started up own vegan enterprise with my experiment as a startup and niche business. My experiment got interesting crunchy results and there were challenges. There a lot of ideas and possible solutions came up after the experiment results and challenges. All of the vegans in town are flocking to this one Pizzeria. This goes to show that conventional entrepreneurs are starting to see the trend.


I would like to have a talk about the trend in retail food business for vegans and invasivores. There I’d like to discuss challenges, issues, possible ways and right approaches for vegan startup enterprise.

Sofia Seitchik, GDW Founder

Sofia Seitchik is the founder of Global Deaf Women, a motivational speaker, and a Certified Business Transformation Coach. She helps deaf women to discover their inner passion, life purpose and learn how to get paid for their expertise by developing their niche, products, and marketing strategies to achieve their financial goals in the “Dream Big, Get Paid” Program and hosts Power Of Me retreat annually for Deaf women entrepreneurs. Sofia is also the founder of  BizGenius Camp for Deaf Youth to learn and explore entrepreneurship at Gallaudet.  She is featured in the books, “Train Go Sorry: Inside a Deaf World” by Leah H. Cohen and “Passionate Lives of Deaf and Hard of Hearing” by Karen Putz.


Sofia grew up in Samarkand, Uzbekistan and St. Petersburg, Russia, then at age 16, Sofia emigrated to New York City.  She graduated from Lexington School for the Deaf and obtained a BA degree in Communication Arts at Gallaudet University. Sofia loves to travel internationally and is a proud wife and mother to her two sons. Her dream is to see more Deaf women entrepreneurs who can own a business and follow their dream. 


Website: www.GlobalDeafWomen.com

David Livchiz, Vice President of Business Development

The Open World Inc.

"Professional Training and Development in workforce"

Bio: David is a serial entrepreneur and member of various Deaf organizations in Brooklyn, NY. He incorporated several small businesses and employed Deaf workers. His expertise in forming business partnerships with private investors, United Nations, government agencies, and various companies has helped to form small businesses, created jobs, and expanded social services for Deaf.

Panel Discussion " BUSINESS TRAVEL"

Biz Travel Changes and Impacts

Panelists: Sung and Young Park

They will discuss and share latest changes and impacts on business travel what business travelers and avid travelers face challenges and should expect of... It is very interesting subject that could benefit and prepare your travel to be effective and smart.

Young Park served as a freelance graphic designer and photographer for a few years. This brilliant guy also contracted with several companies for marketing research projects and other programs. He has been involving in Deaf and Hard of Hearing non-profit organizations in order to contribute positive impacts on our society development. Currently Mr. Young Park performs as a contractual field photographer for national parks, landscapes, and architectural buildings. He owns a web photo gallery and develops a photo book app. 

Mr. Sung Park served at Gallaudet University as a Webmaster, Photographer, and Information Technology Officer. His brother Young and Sung ran a Real Estate business and micro DJ business after office hours for several years. Later he performed IT services at Creative Service Group at Corporate Executive Board (CEB) in DC area. Currently Sung is a multi-serial entrepreneur with different micro business projects. They work on Handsay LLC business development as partners. (www.handsay.com) Park brothers are enjoying their journeys around world as top class smart travelers. 




Shahzad Merchant, Sr. Manager Tech Support

Company: Sorenson Communications

Career Highlights: Shahzad Merchant is passionate about improving quality of support service for the world’s most genuine and high-quality Technical Support services for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities. He is currently the Senior Manager for Technical Support department at Sorenson Communications. He has been with the company since 2004.

"Mobile apps have created an entirely new way for people to interact with businesses. Shahzad Merchant will talk about advantages and disadvantages of using mobile apps for consumers to interact with businesses.”



Lance Pickett, Director of Tech Support

Company: Sorenson Communications

Lance Bio: From the high deserts of Utah Valley, Lance Pickett is a father of three kids, husband to a beautiful wife, and passionate about filmmaking, woodworking, and exploring life; Lance is the founder of R.E.M. Films {9 years} and a Director at Sorenson Communications {13 years}.

Lance Pickett will touch upon the topic of how today’s technology has impacted the Deaf community and its businesses and what we can do to prepare for the future."

Julio Rodriquez, Communication Solutions Executive

Company: sComm​, www.scomm.com

Julio  Rodriquez Bio: He has over 10 years of experience in business and sales with 6 of those years in the VRS industry. He has started several successful online businesses and a number of onsite endeavors. He is ready to share his knowledge and do what is needed to take us to the next level! He can be reached at Julio@scomm.com.











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